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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. Which are the loan products that I can apply for through SBI Online Apply?

Currently, Home Loan, Auto Loan, Education Loan, Personal Loan,Loans against Mortgage of Immovable Property and Rent Plus (Loan against rent receivables) products are available through SBI Online Apply.

2. I own a plot and I now wish to construct a house. Can I apply online for a Home Loan for constructing my house?

Yes. It is possible to apply online for Home Loans for the following purposes:-

  • i. Purchase of a ready built House/Flat (new/old)
  • ii. Purchase of under construction House/Flat
  • iii. Construction of house on a plot owned by you
  • iv. Repair/Renovation of a House/Flat
  • v. Extension of a House
  • vi. Purchasing a Plot for construction of a house
  • vii. For transferring your existing Home Loan availed of from another Home Loan provider
  • viii.Top-up loans for our existing Home Loan Borrowers (extending house, furnishings, etc.)

3. I am an NRI. Can I apply online for a Home Loan?

Yes. Both NRIs and PIOs can apply online and avail of Home Loans for any of the purposes specified above, subject to their meeting other requirements.

4. Are there any specific products/concessions available for women applicants?

Yes. " SBI Her Ghar" is a loan product designed for women and available online, where a woman needs to be the sole / first applicant and the property acquired/proposed to be acquired should be in the name of such sole / first woman applicant. There is a concessional rate of interest of 5 bps (i.e.0.05%) less for women borrowers under " SBI Her Ghar".For Car Loans, a Woman borrower gets a 5 bps (0.05%) concession in interest rate. There is also a concession of 50 bps (0.50%) in Rate of Interest for Girls in case of Education Loan.

5. I am 21 years old. Can I apply online for a Home Loan? Are any concessions available?

Yes. Salaried applicants between 21-45 years of age are eligible for " SBI Yuva Home Loan" subject to fulfilment of employment and monthly income criteria. Under this scheme, only the interest applied on your Home Loan is payable during the first 36 months. The regular EMIs start after completion of 36 months.

6. I availed of a Home Loan from another Home Loan provider. Can I apply online for having this loan transferred to SBI ?

Yes. Home Loans from Scheduled Commercial Banks (SCBs), Private and Foreign Banks, Housing Finance Companies (HFCs) registered with National Housing Bank (NHB) or Borrowers' employers (if they are Central/State Govts. or PSUs) can be taken over, subject to the applicant complying with other terms & conditions.

7. I would like to park surplus funds available in my Home Loan, so that I can save on interest costs. Does SBI offer such a product online?

Yes. " SBI Maxgain" is such an innovative and customer friendly product that enables our Home Loan customers to park their surplus funds in the MaxGain account. The customer will also have the choice to withdraw the surplus funds deposited. This will enable customers to save on their Home Loan interest. The MaxGain (Home Loan) account will be linked to the customer's SB/Current Account where the customer will also be provided a Cheque Book and Internet Banking facilities.

8. Can I apply online for purchasing a plot of land? I will be constructing a house on this plot at a later date.

Yes. " SBI Realty" enables the customer to purchase a plot for construction of a house later. Construction of house should commence within 2 years from the date of availment of the SBI Realty Loan. Customers may even avail of another Home Loan for construction of house on the plot financed under SBI Realty, with the added benefit of running both the loans concurrently.

9. I already have a Home Loan with SBI . Can I apply online for another loan for furnishing my house?

" SBI Top Up Home Loan" caters to such requirements, and you may apply online for such a 'top-up' loan to furnish your house, etc.

10. I wish to buy a pre-owned car. Can I apply online for a loan?

Yes. You may apply online for purchasing a used/ pre-owned car direct from the owner or through a Pre-owned Certified Car Dealer.

11. I am a Person of Indian Origin. Can I apply for a car loan?

No. At the moment, SBI only offers the facility of applying online for car loans to NRI applicants. PIOs may get in touch with our Contact Centre or nearest SBI Branch.

12. I have already purchased a car from my own funds. Can I now apply for a loan online?

Yes. It is possible to apply online for reimbursement of the cost of a car already purchased, subject to certain terms and conditions.

13. I have secured admission to an IIT. Can I apply online for an Education Loan from SBI ?

Yes. " SBI Scholar Loans" are designed for applicants who have secured admission to designated premier institutions such as IITs, IIMs, etc.

14. Can I apply online for a loan for doing a course abroad?

Yes. You may apply online for an " SBI Student Loan" for prosecuting studies at educational institutions in India or abroad, subject to terms and conditions.

15. I propose to do a 6 month Diploma course being conducted by a Government organization. Can I apply online for an Education Loan from
      SBI ?

SBI 's Loan Scheme for Vocational Education and Training caters to the requirements of applicants who wish to do skill development/certification courses from specified Government/ non-government institutions, leading to a certificate/Diploma, degree, etc. You may apply online for a loan for this purpose.

16. I require funds for my daughter's marriage. Can I apply online for a loan from SBI ?

Yes. It is now possible to apply online for a Personal Loan from SBI for any non-speculative purpose including marriage, education, travel, medical expenses, etc.

17. I wish to raise a loan for my personal needs against my commercial property. Can I apply online?

Yes. You may apply online for a loan against the mortgage of immovable property or against assignment of the rentals received on your commercial/residential property, subject to terms and conditions.

18. I am a government employee. I need a personal loan for a vacation overseas. What do I do?

You may apply online for a Personal Loan whether you are a salaried government/ private sector employee or a businessman or a professional(certain categories), for any non-speculative purpose including marriage, education, travel, medical expenses, etc.

19. Is it possible to get detailed information related to loan products before applying for a loan, such as the Terms & Conditions, documents
      required, etc.?

SBI Online Apply is user friendly. It takes you through a step-by-step application process, providing answers to your questions on eligibility, terms & conditions, required documents, etc. Details relating to loan products are also available on State Bank of India 's website https://bank.sbi . For more information you may call on the toll-free numbers provided on the site: 1800 112 211 / 1800 425 3800 .

20. What is the difference between enquiring / applying for a loan through SBI Online Apply and moving a loan application at a branch?

There is no material difference in applying for a loan online or at a branch, except for the convenience/speed offered by the online loan enquiry/application process. Schemes, eligibility, processes, pricing, etc., remain the same.

21. What are the benefits of applying for a loan online? Or Why should I prefer to apply online rather than at a branch?

We detail below some of the benefits of applying online:

  • i. You can apply for a retail loan product from anywhere, anytime to any designated branch.
  • ii. You needn't wait for your turn for interacting with a Bank executive/ representative in regard to your loan requirement. The website provides most of the
  • iii. You may know and understand details of SBI's various retail loan products through the links provided on the website.
  • iv. You may know your eligibility under SBI's various retail loan schemes and accordingly evaluate all available options.
  • v. You will be provided guidance for choosing the most suitable product variant with the best pricing.
  • vi. You may customize the loan amount and tenor as per your requirement.
  • vii. It is possible to complete and submit your loan application at a later date if the required information / documents are not readily available.
  • viii. You can even download a pre-filled loan application for submitting a signed copy to the Bank's Sales Executive, who will be contacting you. This will
          reduce your effort in completing the loan application.
  • ix. You can upload your KYC, Income and other documents to expedite the process.
  • x. You can schedule an appointment with the Bank for collection of documents.
  • xi. You can track the status of your online loan application, end to end, at any time after submitting the application.

22. I don't know the values to be put in various fields. I am new to SBI and unfamiliar with the loan application process.

The " SBI Online Apply" website is user friendly. It will facilitate your filling up the loan application in the following manner:

  • i. Contextual help/ tool tips are provided, wherever required.
  • ii. In most cases you will be able to select an appropriate value from a dropdown menu.
  • iii. In case of need you may even call our Contact Centre at the toll-free numbers provided on the site, for help with the application process.

23. What is the necessary information/ required documents that I should keep ready while applying for a loan?

We suggest, for your convenience, that he followings documents should be available with you at the time of applying online:

  • i. Salary Slip, previous year's I-Tax return
  • ii. Details of Property (Home Loans), Car (Car Loans), Admission letter/ prospectus of Educational Institution (Education Loans), etc.
  • iii. PAN, other Identity proof such as Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Passport, etc.
  • iv. Your salary/pension account No. with SBI (Applicable for Personal Loans and Auto loan to pensioner), etc.

24. What happens if I am unable to complete the loan application in one-go.

Don't worry. If you do not have all information readily available, you may complete the application at a later date (within 15 days). A quote will be emailed to you with a link. Clicking on this link will take you back to your last quote, and you may continue with the loan application process.

25. How do I know that my application has been submitted successfully?

If you meet the basic requirements of eligibility under the selected loan scheme, SBI Online Apply will generate an "Approval-in-Principle" letter indicating your loan application reference number, your maximum eligibility for loan, loan tenor, rate of interest, processing fee, etc., which will be sent to the e-mail ID provided by you.

26. I applied for a loan, but the system shows an error message "We are unable to process your loan application, please call our Contact
      Centre". Why is this happening?

You may not have input the relevant information correctly or there may be a mismatch in the income/eligibility parameters required for generation of an "Approval-in-Principle" letter. In such an eventuality you will receive a call from our Contact Centre. You may also enquire about the status of your loan application by calling SBI 's Contact Centre at the toll-free numbers provided on the site.

27. I am receiving the error message, "You have already applied for a loan. Please click here to view current status of your loan application". I
      have forgotten/misplaced my application Reference ID.

Please open the email received in the inbox of your email account from SBI Online Apply that contains the "Approval-in-Principle" letter. It contains your loan application reference ID. In case you are unable to trace the email, please call our Contact Centre at 1800 112 211 (toll free) or 1800 425 3800 (toll free) or 080 26599990 (toll No.) for getting your loan application reference ID.

28. Why is PAN an optional field in SBI Apply Online? What is the benefit of submitting my PAN? What happens if I do not / am unable to
      submit my PAN at the time of applying online?

PAN is the most widely accepted identity proof and a requirement for most large value financial transactions. Although PAN is a requirement for processing any loan application, SBI Apply Online provides an applicant the comfort of submitting PAN at a later date, if the same is not readily available. Submitting your PAN online will, however, expedite the loan process.

29. My mobile is registered under 'Do Not Disturb'. How will the Bank contact me?

Once you check the box against the text, "I agree to be contacted by Bank over Mobile/ email", in SBI Online Apply, the Bank will call you using other (non-DND restricted) numbers.

30. I apprehend that if I provide my mobile number on SBI Apply Online, I will start receiving telemarketing calls.

SBI will only call you in connection with your online loan application. SBI does not call for marketing / promotion unless you have specifically registered your mobile number for this purpose.

31. What will be the next step after submission of my loan application?

  • Step1: The Bank's official or an authorized agent will call you for scheduling an appointment.
  • Step2: They will visit / call on you at the scheduled time for collection of documents and to satisfy your queries, if any.
  • Step3: The Bank will start processing your application as per Bank's policy.

32. Can I upload documentsat a later date?

Yes. After clicking on the 'Application Status' tab on the 'Home' page, you are presented with a screen which provides you with the current status of your loan application, and also enables you to schedule an appointment and/or to upload the required documents at a later date, too.

33. Are the uploaded documents sufficient for loan processing, or will the Bank ask for additional documents or additional copies of

The Bank may ask for additional documents or additional copies of documents to verify the inputs given in the application, or to comply with regulatory requirements/ the Bank's loan policy.

34. What types of documents can be uploaded with the application?

Any one of the following types of documents may be uploaded under each loan group.

Document Type Home Loan Auto Loan Education Loan Personal Loan
Photograph Photograph Photograph Photograph Photograph
Identity Proof PAN Card Voter ID Driving License Passport Employer IDe PAN Card Voter ID Driving License Passport Employer ID PAN Card Voter ID Driving License Passport PAN Card Voter ID Driving License Passport
Address Proof Telephone Bill ElectricityBill Lease/ Rent Agreement Passport Ration Card Telephone Bill Electricity Bill Property tax receipt Ration Card Passport Voter ID Card Telephone Bill Electricity Bill Property tax receipt Ration Card Passport Voter ID Card Telephone Bill Electricity Bill Property tax receipt Ration Card Passport Voter ID Card
Income Proof Latest Form 16 + Pay slip Latest ITR + Pay slip Salary A/c statement for last six months Latest salary slip Latest form 16 Salary account statement for last six months Audited/ Certified ITR for last 2 years for Professionals Latest salary slip Latest form 16 Salary account statement for last six months Audited/ Certified ITR for last 2 years for Professionals Latest salary slip Latest form 16 Salary account statement for last six months Audited/ Certified ITR for last 2 years for Professionals
Others (Purpose related documents) Agreement for sale, Allotment letter etc. Quotation for car to be purchased Proof of admission / selection, etc. Check-off letter from employer

35. Is it possible for me to apply for more than one loan product at a time, online?

Yes, an applicant can apply for more than one product at a time but can't apply for more than one variant of the same product i.e. an applicant may simultaneously apply for a Home Loan and a Car Loan, but not for a "Basic Home Loan" as well as "Takeover of Home Loan". Rest assured that the Bank will offer the product most appropriate to your needs/eligibility.

36. What happens if I apply for a loan and then change my mind, or if I am not in a position to avail of the loan I applied for?

A Bank executive / representative will call you before processing the loan. You may advise them accordingly when they visit or call on you.

37. What happens if I am unable to produce or hand over to the Bank's representative the required documents after scheduling an

Our representative will reschedule the appointment for collecting the remaining documents, or you may deposit the same at the loan processing Branch.

38. Is it possible to negotiate / get a higher quantum of loan / lower interest rates by applying online?

In such cases, you should personally visit the Branch since deviations from the existing terms and conditions are not handled through SBI Online apply.

39. Can I also apply for a similar / same loan or another loan at a branch after applying online through SBI Apply Online?

Yes, you may, subject to your eligibility for the loan. However, you should advise the Branch regarding your earlier loan application applied through SBI Apply Online.

40. After applying for a loan through SBI Apply Online can I follow up my loan application with a branch?

You may follow up the status of your application online by using the application reference number provided in the e-mail sent to you when you applied online.

41. Will the branch staff help me to apply online / to complete an application?

Yes. You may also seek assistance from our Contact Centre by calling on the toll free numbers.

42. What do I do if the system / application hangs while I am applying online for a loan?

Refresh your browser and try again.

43.Can I switch / change the product I have applied for, after submitting an application online? For eg; if I wish to change the make and model
     of the car I am purchasing, or a different house, or if I wish to apply for a different type of loan what do I do?

Since this involves a credit decision, the response may vary from case to case. It would be advisable in such an eventuality for the applicant to contact the Bank using the toll free numbers or to call at the branch for clarifications/ support.